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Case Law Rulings

Case law rulings are a series of scenarios that have played out and how the rules of Ward have been interpreted to help guide its Warlords on how to play Ward. Each case law will try to best describe the current Ward battlefield, events of each ruling, and how the scenario played out.

Jesse v Eric- Tournament of Iron (6/13/23)

  • Battlefield: A necromancer was summoned to the field and a creature was summon back to the field from the cemetery as a limited summon. The Necromancer was Mindsap'd and lost its effect. 

  • Challenge: The effect of the Necromancer revived the creature bringing it to the field as a limited summon but was not responsible for keeping it on the field. Therefore the revived creature should remain on the field even though the Necromancer no longer has its effect. 

  • Ruling: The revived creature can remain on the field as the card necromancer says nothing about it being sent to the cemetery if the Necromancer loses its effect.

  • Overturned: This ruling was later overturned as the intent of the card was always that the effect of the Necromancer was keeping the creature on the field. This was overturned via an update to rules guide v1.2 and the release of the Limited Summoned video tutorial guide.

Jeesse v James- Memorial Day Mayhem Tournament (5/25/24)

  • Battlefield: A Kraken was on the field with a Flame of the Infinite. The opponents side of the field had a creature that was killed. Zanj the Hunter was summoned. The Armor level of Kraken was reduced from 11 to 5. Dragon Power was then played on Kraken. 

  • Challenge: Krakens Armor Level was brought to 12. Does the effect of Zanj still reduce the Armor Level down to 6 since the Kraken+Dragon power would make the Armor Level 12.

  • Ruling: Due to order of operations the Dragon power would increase the Armor Level of Kraken to 12 as Zanj's effect is already being performed on the initial reduction of the Kraken+Flame of the Infinite. Additionally, Dragon Power does not specifically increase the Armor Level by an amount but sets the Armor at Level 12.

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