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Ward History

Chapter 2- Plans of the Light

With the knowledge of creation now available to him The Creator buried himself in creating his perfect idea of a universe where he was not alone. He would spend several hundred million years constructing what he called The Cosmos, an Infinite space of stars, planets, and dust. Seeing his creations filled him with joy but there was something missing. He          did not want a stagnant universe but an ever-changing place of wonder and excitement. So, he manifest something that would make his universe cycle and live, he created Time. With time, his universe began to take shape and flow.

As Time began to flow The Creator implemented 6 additional fundamental forces of  the physical universe along with Light and Darkness, to help shape The natural evolution of The Cosmos: Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Life, and Death.


The Creator watched as stars came and went. Planets collided and formed, and life began to sprout from his worlds. These creatures were simple, only surviving on basic instinct.  He traveled the endless expanse of his universe, examining the new life that was forming. Every world with unique life forms that existed in all sorts of different fashions. But of all the endless planets that he visited one seemed to hold his interest above all else.


A small seemingly unimportant planet in one of his lesser galaxies. The life was different, it seemed must more advanced. Colossal and scaly, the beasts roamed with the sound of thunder as they moved. The creatures feasted on the plant life and drank from the streams. They seemed to enjoy the warm climate and thick moist air that covered large portions of the planet. A peaceful utopia at first glance, all of the creatures living in harmony. But balance is not always peaceful. A larger creature sprang from the thick jungle and killed the peaceful one with a strong bite of its razor tooth filled jaw. He watched as the beast ate this creature to sustain its own life. The creature was as large as a tree and a Tyrant amongst the other creatures.

The Creator saw promise in this prospering new world and wanted to protect its natural balance. So he fashioned beings of pure light that them called Angels. The Angels were charged with the protection of Ward, but strictly instructed not to

interfere with the natural order of the world itself. He named it WARD in honor of the personal protection he would bestow upon it. After creating the angels, The Creator left. He moved on to create many more Worlds like Ward in hopes to fill his universe with life.

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