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Ward History

Chapter 3- War of the Jungle


For hundreds of millions of years the dinosaurs ruled Ward unopposed. Small tribes of primitive Humans and other creatures existed but in small numbers. Sticking to mostly the caves and other areas where the threat of the dinosaurs was less, these other creatures struggled to meek out a living.


From the cycle of fierce competition, a new creature emerged. It is not fully known if these beasts were created or evolved naturally from the dinosaurs. But the emergence of the Dragons would end the era of the dinosaurs.

Fearsome flying machines of destruction, the Red Dragons were the first of the dragons to emerge. Although not able to withstand the sheer strength and power of the largest dinosaurs, the dragons possessed a sharp intellect, wings to sore though the skies, and flames that could melt stone and turn flesh to dust. With these abilities they would spell the doom of the dinosaurs.

For centuries the dragons systematically hunted the dinosaurs. Through this War of Extinction, some of the dragons evolved to better suit themselves to the various environments they were in. Species began to emerge: Swamp Dragons, Blue Dragons, and even Dragons that were so intelligent, they developed psychic powers.


Even with all of the advantages and intellect of the dragons, there were several dinosaurs they could not master. The Tyrannosaurus Rex, with their colossal frame seemed to not fear the dragons, but instead seemed to prefer the challenge the new dragons presented. They would catch ones that ventured to close to the ground and feed on them. Although smaller and weaker raptors would move in large packs and ambush dragons that were sleeping or caught off guard. The Allosaurus, with their serrated teeth and claws would often engage the dragons in combat only to wound the dragons, then return later to the weakened or dead dragon. But of all the dinosaurs, there was one that the dragons dare not engage, the   Giganotosaurus. These creatures were taller than the trees in the forest, and stronger than a hurricane.  Their hides so thick and robust they could withstand the flames of the Red Dragons. Though they were not intelligent like the dragons, but an incredibly cunning predator. He was so large that he could catch dragons flying by at lower altitudes and kill them before they even knew he was there.

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