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Ward History

Chapter 5- Clash of Gods


After the defeat in the great plains, the Red Dragons retreated to the mountains to regroup and formulate a plan to oppose the Cosmic Demon. There were many ideas, and harsh words, but no plan they could devise seemed to help. As tensions rose within the craggy realm of the Red Dragons the demon army continued for months to rampage across Ward. But little did they know that at the sight of the great battle on the plains corruption, blood, and fire spread. The Raw pure fire magic and life-giving blood of the dragons was mixed with the corruption magic of the demons. From the bloody flames of corruption, birthed a being. A God like being made of fire turning the once great and beautiful grassy plains into the area now known Great Black Fire Sea.

The Fire God showed no love for the demons or dragons that birthed him. He swept through the armies of crude weapons and gnashing teeth. Nothing could seem to stop him. He commanded the very essence of fire as if he was the embodiment of all flame to ever exist.


The Cosmic Demon engaged with the Fire God. This conflict caused volcanos to erupt, the skies to blacken, and the ground to splinter. This battle threatened to break apart the entirety of the planet if not stopped. With the impending doom of Ward at stake, a flash of purest light exploded from the sky, and from that light came the Angels. The Angels used their holy power bestowed upon them by The Creator to interject. The dragons watched from the distant mountains. Fire, corruption, and light engulfed the horizon. They had never felt anything like this before. A power terrible enough to frighten dragons. The dragon elders decided they would stay away from the battle until one of the beings was destroyed. But many of Red Dragons betrayed the commands of their elders and flew into the battle.


The renegade dragons entered the battle and began scorching the demon army. Many died to the might of the Cosmic Demon, but with every breath of fire, The Fire God grew more powerful. The Angels used their angelic power to cleanse the demons. The battle waged on for 2 days and 2 nights. No victory could be achieved by any faction. Finally, many of the Angels combined the small bits of The Creators raw power that resides in all of them, sacrificing themselves to rip open a portal to Hell. With the portal opened, the renegade dragons, remaining angels, and the Fire God combined their power to drive the Cosmic Demon and his army into Hell. The remaining demons that managed to avoid being driven into the portal, fled from the battle and into hiding. Now leaderless and scattered, the demonic threat was quelled.


Although resistant to flames, the renegade dragons who helped the Fire God in battle against the Cosmic Demon were horribly disfigured from the pure fire magic of the Fire God. This left their scales charred black. But not only were they burnt externally but the raw fire magic changed them internally as well forever tainting their lineage as the first Black Dragons. Knowing they would never be accepted back into the Red Dragon society for their betrayal to the elder council, the Black Dragon flew off on their own. Never truly regaining their former glory this would signal the fall of the dragon’s control over Ward.

After the defeat of the demon army, the Fire God was weakened and vulnerable. He fled deep into Char Rock Volcano where he slumbered regaining his strength until Ward would burn again.

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