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Ward History

Chapter 6- Hells End


The Angels had protected Ward, as they had been charged to do, but with so many of their kind killed by the demons or sacrificed in the opening of the Hell Gate they were unable to fully close the Hell Gate that they had opened. To protect Ward from the terrors of Utralll they erected a mighty citadel around the rift. Before departing the Angels tasked an elite group of Angels to guard the gleaming white citadel and for a time the evil of Utralll was contained. But over time many of the Angels fell to incursions. With only a few of the elite guards remaining they used what remained of their angelic power to create powerful wards around the citadel blocking any creature born of Utralll from leaving the citadel. The citadel had changed with the abandonment of the Angels. This marvel of Light and a beacon of hope now was tainted in permanent shadow eventually earning the title of The Citadel of Agony.

With the sealing of the Citadel of Agony the threat of the demons had come to an end on Ward. The Red Dragons continued to rule from their high mountain tops and the Black Dragons settled near Char Rock Volcano to live amongst the heat of the Fire God. Small skirmishes occurred between different dragon factions, and the occasional dinosaur, but for a time Ward was at peace.

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