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Ward History

Chapter 7- a world cometh


The Angels that had sacrificed their angelic powers and were now mortal. Stuck on Ward and disconnected from the Light. The fallen angels spread across Ward eventually naming themselves the Elves, or the fallen ones. But life was hard for the Elves. Although they retained their immortality and other heightened natural abilities, being cut off entirely from the light was not natural for them. They began searching for new sources of magic to fill the void. Some elves turned to nature and harnessed the power of life and the natural world. But others did not accept this change as graciously. A large portion of the Elves attempted to regain their light magics in the hopes they could return to Anela or heaven in the Common tongue. In part they did regain a very small portion of their light. But this light was not pure. It had been tainted by the corruption oozing out of the Hell Gate. The skin of these Elves turned dark and grey and made the Elves susceptible to light. To escape the scolding rays of the sun the tainted elves fled to the smoke-filled region surrounding Char Rock Volcano. The Dark Elves as they would be called, resented their kin for their ability to remain in the light of the sun. The darkness of the fiery mountains offered little hospitality. So the Dark Elves used some of their regained strength to spread the darkness of Char Rock and put the entire continent in a state of permanent twilight. This did not sit well with the Elves for they may have lost their connection to the light. But they still believed in the original mission bestowed upon them by The Creator to protect Ward, even if was from themselves. These would begin the ever-lasting push and pull between the Elves and Dark Elves. Back and forth they would exchange land. The Dark elves began to tame the scurrying spiders of the forest to aid them, where as the Elves allied themselves with the Giant Eagles that streaked through the skies.


Conflict was never absent from Ward. But for Millenia a natural balance again took shape and the natural flow of creation and destruction poured across the planet. Although locked away behind the protective wards of the Citadel of Agony, small amounts of corruption seeped into the world. This corruption mixed with the ambient Light magic from Anela the flowed across all of Ward had an unexpected effect, it brought life.

During this time, other creatures began to evolve into the world. Birds that took to the skies, crawling things that scurried across the earth, animals that drank from the rivers, and beasts that hunted.


One species that had existed since the early days of Ward but was always too weak to challenge the mightier species were the Humans. But as corruption and light blanked Ward they seemed to be especially susceptible to both magical forces. They showed great promise wielding both forms of magic. They used their newly found abilities to cause terrible pain and suffering, but at the same time showed mercy and healing. It was the duality of man that showed the true nature of opposing forces working together in perfect harmony. But with the emergence of Humans, also came the need to worship and that attracted attention from beyond the stars.


A being from the stars felt the calling of the Humans and traveled through space and Time. Its arrival near one of the Human tribes caused the tribe to praise it and erect statues in its likeness. The Old God in return taught the tribe how to control their new found powers and wield them to great effect. But in return The Old God told the tribe to go forth and force all those who do not worship it to bend to its will or die upon the sword. Some tribes accepted worship of The Old God outright after seeing its might, but most resisted. After nearly three decades of war the last remaining Human tribe was converted. In return for his loyalty, The Old God crowned the chieftain as king of the Humans.

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