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The Creators Will

(Ward rules and revisions updates)


  • Time Dragon has been officially been placed on the official card banned list.

  • Rules revision to clarify only one creature maybe summoned once per turn per player.


  • Undead Dragon released into generation 1 as a replacement for Time Dragon. Time Dragon removed from print. 

  • Eternal Titan: Effect chance increased from 6 to 5-6

  • Backstab: Increased from 2x damage to 3x damage. 

  • Cosmic Demon, Eternal Dragon, and Giga: Reduced from 3 to 2 sacrifices. 

  • Old God and Creator: Reduced from 4 to 3 sacrifices.

  • Zombified: Increased to 2AL per turn cycle.

  • The Squire: Removed card being a permanent creature after being played.

  • Stone Golem: Effect revised for clarification.

  • Minotaur: Effect chance increased from 6 to 5-6. 

  • Mysterious Traveler: Reduced from AL: +5, SPD: +5 to AL: +3, SPD: +3

  • Epic Ring, Epic Boots, and Epic Helm have been changed from +3's to +4's. 

  • Dragon Rage: Draw cards effect reduced from 5 to 3.

  • Angel: Effect updated to not be allowed to be removed from the cemetery. 

  • Rarity List updated

  • Minor grammatical updates to cards: Allosaurus, Demonic Magic, Terrifying Roar, Assassin, Dimorphodon, Dragonling, Ent Tree, Eternal Dragon, Frog, Halfling, Manticore, Mythosaurus. 


  • Official release of Ward 9-card booster packs

  • 30-card starter packs have been discontinued and replaced with 35-card starter packs.


  • Official release of Ward 35-card starter packs

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