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Build your army and Conquer WARD

Ward Generation 2 Starters and Boosters will ship after Ward Generation 2 Launch event in Mid July. Exact date to be announced following preorder


!!Expansion notice!!

Undead Invasion(Gen-2)

Release date: Mid July 2024

--Ward is releasing its 2nd set of trading cards. 

--150 new creature and magic cards to build the ultimate army

--Holographic versions of All cards

--New Ward history chapters

--Custom Ward art playmats

--Custom Ward art card sleeves

--And more!!

 Turn the Tides of Ward!!


What is WARD?

WARD is a hybrid card and dice game focused on immersive creature combat, strategy, and luck.


Games can be 1v1 (Most Common) or even 2v2.


In WARD, buff up your creatures and unleash their full power to be the last one standing.


The First Edition contains 150 uniquely designed creature and magic cards.


WARD is more than just a trading card game. It is a world full of rich history and an ever changing story based on the WARD community. Community input is a big part of WARD and the WARD written history is driven by community interaction and involvement.



Ward will have a booth at Range Fan Con: June 29th and 30th, 2024.

Iron Trails Motor Event Center: 919 6th St S, Virginia, MN 55792

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