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Ward History

Chapter 1 – Questions in the Dark


Before there was something, there was Nothing. An unconceivable emptiness and from the emptiness a consciousness began to form.


The consciousness existed without substance, forming and unforming again and again, and then, a thought! The first thought, consisting of a very simple question, “what?” This thought then began to grow into an idea, and from that idea sprang a plan. A plan to create something. Something in which he could live with others. Something maybe like him, or others not like him. He desired anything but the emptiness of The Nothing he currently resided in.

Eons passed as the consciousness drifted through the endlessness of The Nothing thinking about the idea. Suddenly! An object began to form. A simple object, but an object formed from mere thought. The object was irregular at first, something that resembled a sphere. The irregular sphere was not alive, did not move, and could not interact with him. This did not bother the consciousness. It did not care what the sphere was. He was exhilarated that there was now something in The Nothing. It was at this point that the consciousness became The Creator.


As time passed on, The Creator began to form other simple objects. He created more spheres, and other variations of that sphere. As he concentrated harder, one of his spheres began to erupt in a bright light. This did not frighten The Creator, as fear was not yet an concept. He was intrigued by this discovery. The empty Nothingness that he loomed in for so long, now had light, and from that light, came shadow. And from that shadow something began to form.

The shadow formed a physical being of darkness. It had no name, and no words, but The Creator could sense that this being was conscious, like him. The Creator felt the first feeling of excitement in the universe. He tried to interact with this new being, but he was not sure how to perform such an act. The Creator then thought hard about the form this new being took. In his concentration, he created himself a physical form like the creature.


Using the only understanding he knew The Creator reached out towards the being and formed a pyramid in his hand.      The being hesitated for a moment, and then took the pyramid from The Creator and held it out in front of himself. The being then clenched his horrible, clawed hand into a fist and destroyed the pyramid. The Creator was in shock at this act. As he did not understand what destruction was or why anyone would destroy anything.

The being let out a horrific cry that reverberated throughout creation. The following shockwaves began causing the various objects The Creator had formed to crumble. Many of the objects were destroyed by the horrific cry, but not all of them. Then suddenly the being stopped shrieking and began willfully shifting its form from object to object tearing them apart. The Creator had never before fathomed the idea of destruction.


It was at this moment that The Creator felt a new feeling that had not yet existed, rage. In The Creators rage he manifested a new being, a colossal titan. The Titan saw the destruction the evil being was causing and the anguish it was causing his creator. Within moments of his manifestation The Titan lunged toward the being and seized it by the throat. The being clawed at the Titan forcing him to loosen his grip. A reality splintering battle erupted between the two apocalyptic beings. The Creator sat and watched as the battle resulted in devastating eruptions of raw power and destruction.

Seeing that the titan was not able to subdue the shadow being and protect his precious creations, The Creator manifested himself into a size that words cannot explain and imprisoned the shadow being in his mighty grasp. Entombed in his mighty grip The Creator tore open a rift in his newly created universe and expelled the shadow being into this pocket prison dimension, adjacent to his new universe. Forever sealing it away. He named this other universe Utralll or later to be commonly known as Hell.


For the titans failure in stopping the shadow being The Creator charged him with protecting all of creation, and would act as the eternal jailor to the shadow being who would later adopt the moniker of the Cosmic Demon. The titan would be his jailor and spend eternity seeking a means to destroy it. The titan then looked to The Creator in shame and fled off into the blackness of the void becoming, The Eternal Titan.

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